About Us

I currently have the honor of serving on Active Duty in the US Navy specializing in communications. As my retirement date nears, I have decided to pursue a passion in woodworking that I grew up around as a child.

I started learning the trade with my Grandfather as I watched him restore antique furniture for clients. My education continued at home in my Father’s workshop where I learned basic skills in joinery and furniture building.

Moving from duty station to duty station has given me the opportunity to see furniture styles and design from all over the world. It has also given me an appreciation for quality made furniture since most of my own furniture, that my wife and I purchased early in my career from popular stores, has been badly damaged or destroyed during our many moves. It never ceases to amaze me how well a piece of furniture can hold up and stand the test of time (or a move) when it is made properly.

I’ve been building furniture since 2013 and specialize in traditional joinery to ensure the pieces last a lifetime.